Third Party Provider APIs

JPM MPS TPP APIs made available for the sandbox and production environment.

Third party providers are companies that received authorization from their national competent authority in EU Member State under PSD2 to act on behalf of Payment service owners and Payment requestors based on the roles.

JPM MPS has added new interfaces for Third Party Providers as per Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2). The publicly accessible online API portal of JPM MPS sets out the content and documentation of the API, onboarding process and enables you as third-party providers to contact JPM MPS to get access to the APIs, sandbox environment or ask questions.

To get started, the publicly accessible online portal can be accessed at

To register as a Third Party Provider please go to the onboarding page via the link below and fill-in the application.

If you need any support to get started for access to sandbox or ask questions, please go to Help & Contact